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March 2009

Hong Kong- and the jetlag of the Century!

Our first stop in China would be Hong Kong. With our arrival came the jet lag of this century. We DO NOT recommend doing three continents within the space of a week. The partying and running around in Ireland took its toll (soo worth it though). This coupled with weeks of the same in Brazil and Karolina not looking after the flu she picked up in Rio before leaving for Ireland meant we really got it bad in China. Well Karolina did. This meant sleeping for Ireland for like 2 days. Again K was of course the worst! It also meant not lapping up as much of Hong Kong as we would have liked on arrival there but knowing that we would come back to fly out of there meant we could take a breather.

What we did see was brill! Totally blew us away. We had expected it to be sterile and without life but we were very wrong. It is absolutely buzzing with life and for shoppoholics (yes we have finaly come to admit it- we have a problem) like us it is heaven. For Martin full streets of electronics (NERD) and another with sportsgear was heaven! For Karolina streets of shopping malls with the coolest clothes ever. And at good prices! And the markets are of course amazing! The end result; a Canon camera (a dream come through) and of course karolina managed to squeeze in some more clothes in an already over stuffed backpack!

We did manage to catch some sights though! We caught the Hong Kong light show one evening. This is a surreal light show of all the skyscrapers on Hong Kong Island that goes of every night from the mainland shore. Very cool. Very touristy!

We left Hong Kong happy in the knowledge we were coming back- we were dying to enjoy more of the fab atmosphere- without the jet lag!. AND hopefully we had cut up the Visa cards by then- very dangerous!

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Pitstop : Ireland

Hello Lucy, Leahanne & Dara!!

The time had finally come to stop off in Ireland to see friends and family and of course see Leahanne and Dara get married (!!!!). We never thought it would be a quiet week but it turned out to be absolutly nuts!! The day we arrived Denise timed it perfectly and had little gorgeous Lucy. We never dared to hope that she would actually arrive while we were home but our prayers were answered:-). She is an absolute dote and congrats to Denise and Jason- you did brilliant!

Baby Lucy..

We saw as many friends, families and babies (there are a lot of them) while home but nowhere near as many as we would have wanted:-(. We did of course make Dara's and Leahannes wedding and it was absolutely brilliant! So nice to see close friends marry and the day (weekend more like it) was lovely! And we have never been as spoiled over a wedding WEEKEND before. Congrats to MR and Mrs Harrington!


Being home was lovely but oh to fast. Before long we were off again. Next stop CHINA!

All that partying and running around would take its toll. We would NOT recommend traveling from South America to Europe to China within like a week. We both would get the jetlag of THE CENTURY! But it was of course worth it!

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